The Rebel Riot - To... Dear Comrade (2024) CD

The Rebel Riot - To... Dear Comrade (2024) CD

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CDs of the newest album "To... Dear Comrade" by the Rebel Riot that were going from Japan (Harimau Asia/Bronze Fist) were docked in Germany! The release of the album as CDs was on May 23, 2024 only in Japan.
This album will be released as 12" vinyls (with enhancing sound quality on 33 RPM speed) on 1.11.2024. The profit from the sold records will be given to The Rebel Riot and their social and cultural activities.

In the midst of an increasingly tense situation, with conscription to be implemented in February 2024, the Rebel Riot has finally released their fifth album, "To... Dear Comrade", which they produced while evading the authorities' eyes.

The album To... Dear Comrade is a more complete version of the harder sound seen in their previous album´"One Day"

The album contains 10 songs, including a Burmese cover of "A Las Barricadas," a song sung during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s and sung by the currently incarcerated Myanmar folk singer Zin Linn, and a cover of the German punk band Pestpocken.
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